Why are Trash Cans Important?

Trash cans can help clean up your dirtiest problems. Our products keep trash where it belongs. They are aesthetically pleasing and will encourage visitors to your park, school, office, playground or other outdoor space to respect the grounds and dispose of garbage properly. Our trash cans come in all sizes: capacities over 50-gallons, smaller units for home or office, and many sizes in between; they also come in many shapes and styles: steel, plastic and wooden trash cans and are all available in a variety of colors for indoor and outdoor use.

Customized Logo Trash Cans

Among our specialty products are customized trash cans, which can feature corporate, municipal, school or team logos. Whenever potential customers see your company logo it increases your visibility. Municipal sports leagues can place trash disposal receptacles with the city's mascot around the sports complex. Your customized commercial trash receptacle can be made in a two-toned color scheme with your choice of multiple colors.

Recycling Trash Cans

Taking care of the environment is a responsibility that belongs to all of us, and recycling trash are a simple way to promote the importance of "going green." Using a commercial trash receptacle dedicated to recycling reminds your employees, customers, and visitors to do their part in being kind to the enviornment. We have products that are divided into multiple sections, making sorting recycling a breeze.

Cigarette Receptacles

Cigarette receptacles are another important item to have on site to keep your grounds looking clean. Having an easily accessible smokers urn gives guests and employees a smart alternative to throwing their cigarette butts on the ground, which is both unattractive and potentially hazardous if not completely burnt out.