Discounts by Volume

Market Umbrellas and Chaise Lounges

We are a leading supplier of a wide variety of quality picnic tables, park benches, trash cans and more! We continually find ways to save you time and money.

Do You Qualify?

Yes! No matter your status — small business, corporate organization, educational institution, government agency or individual — all customers are eligible for our Volume Discount program when ordering selected multiple identical items. Additionally, we can work with you to create a custom discount. You may contact us at 800-278-4480 or shoot us a quick email and one of our product experts will follow up with you within two business days.

Great Service and Commercial Furniture

With honesty, integrity and timely communication, Commercial Site Furnishings has quickly became a major force in the commercial furniture retail market. Launched in 2007, Commercial Site Furnishings has saved hundreds of commercial clients thousands of dollars on picnic tables, outdoor benches, chairs, bleachers, park grills, trash cans and much more. We understand that you are making a big investment when choosing products for your project. With our volume discount program, low prices and superior customer service we are doing our best to provide quality products at reasonable prices. Contact us today to see how much money you will save on your next project.