• ITEM: CF-076-TGJ4K

Quick-Ship 32-Gallon Expanded Metal Trash Can with Liner & Concave Lid

Expanded Trash Can with Concave Lid
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We are proud to offer these 16 colors as thermoplastic coatings for our commercial steel furniture. Our outdoor furniture is covered in a copolymer-based thermoplastic powder coating.

Black finish color
Blue finish color
Red finish color
Black Green finish color

Choose portable, surface, or in-ground mount for your trash receptacle.

Concave Lid
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Trash Can Color
Mount Style
Trash Can Lid
Trash Can Liner
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Product Information

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Trash Can

  • Construction: 9-gauge steel
  • Capacity: 32 gallons
  • Finish: Thermoplastic coating
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes
  • Rust, corrosion and scuff resistant
  • Portable mount
  • 4 color options
  • Height: 2' 4⅝"
  • Width: 1' 11½"
  • Weight: 70 lbs.

Concave Lid

  • Construction: Spun metal
  • Finish: Thermoplastic coating
  • Rust, corrosion, and scuff resistant
  • Height: 2"
  • Diameter: 1' 10⅝"
  • Opening Width: 9½"
  • Weight: 20 lbs.

Trash Can Liner

  • Construction: Black plastic
  • Retracting rope handles for easy lifting
  • Height: 2' 6½"
  • Top Width: 1' 9½"
  • Base Width: 1' 4"
  • Weight: 4 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: 48 × 48 × 8 inches
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Made in the United States of America