Safety and Maintenance Tips for Your New Swing Set

Keeping children safe around swing sets is easy. Follow these simple rules to ensure a safe enviornment for children while also reducing maintenance costs.

  • It is recommended that on site adult supervision for children of all ages be present while swing sets are in use.
  • Please prevent children from walking close to, in front of, behind or between moving items.
  • Prevent children from twisting swing chains or ropes as that action may reduce the strength of those products.
  • Warn children to avoid swinging empty seats.
  • Teach children to sit in center of swings with their full weight on the swing seats.
  • Instruct children on how to use the swing set in the manner the set was intended.
  • Teach children not to get off swing sets while still in motion.
  • Parents should make sure children are dressed appropriately in well-fitting clothing and shoes. Avoid loose fitting garments, as well as ponchos and scarves as they are potentially hazardous while using the swing set.
  • Prevent children from climbing on wooden swing sets when wet.
  • Check all nuts and bolts twice monthly during the usage season and tighten as needed. It is particularly important to check and tighten bolts at the beginning of each season.
  • Check swings, chains and slides for cracks or deterioration. Replacement should be made at first sign of deterioration.