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For Tables or Benches
Set of 8 Protectors
Showing: 1-2 of 2 Items.

Commercial picnic table frames made of galvanized steel are an excellent choice for those establishments that prefer to use their own materials for picnic table top and bench. Currently, we carry both the standard frame and heavy-duty frame — both based on pipe diameter and thickness. Ordering just the frames will allow a much more economical shipping price vs. shipping multiple lumber planks. Each picnic table frame comes in a variety of outside diameters and optional sizes to meet any public seating requirement.

We understand that investing in commercial furnishings is a major step towards property development and upscale commercial revitalization efforts. Improvements made to any site with the addition of picnic tables or other outdoor park furniture will have a significant positive effect on your business. To protect your investment, there are a number of accessory options designed to protect and prolong the life of any outdoor picnic table. Whether you are in need of skateboard deterrents or picnic table leg protectors, you will find the right accessory for any outdoor seating application.